Design Thinking.   Data Visualization.  UX/UI Design. Human-Centered Design.      IxD Design.  Illustrations.  Product Design.

MA. Design | B. Design | Data Visualization | UX UI Human-Centered Design | IxD

Some of the companies I worked at

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I have been researching user behavior analyzing competitors' and user-test insights to address UX goals. Creating info-architecture, user-flows, interactive prototypes, wireframes, design systems & guidelines.


My experience includes working from research through final design details. My focus is on human-centered design thinking, creative problem-solving, and functionality that can help improve people's lives.


With hands-on, comprehensive design experience - both for web and mobile, I create UI components, wireframes, interactive mockups, illustrations, infographics, data visualization, iconography, video editing, and effects.


"As the executive parliament assistant, I worked directly with Victoria and had frequent brainstorms with her. So it came to not only knowing her professionally but personally and having an in-depth knowledge of her skills. The most impressive thing is that Victoria is a true professional, determined to contribute where needed, proactive in planning and problem-solving, a team player who builds relationships with people at all levels, and works exceptionally well independently. Another key success measure is Victoria's ability to communicate well with customers. She grasps concepts and feedback brought by others and responds quickly with feasible implementation models. Victoria is a creative thinker and a hard worker with fresh vision, and I would easily recommend her as part of any design firm or position. She consistently achieved excellent results and delivered on all expectations."


Elena Peres

PR & Parliamentary Adviser

"Victoria and I worked together at Venus TV Ltd Global, at the visual department. The moment I met her I was very impressed with her work and her pleasant can-do attitude. All I needed to do was give Victoria the material she required and I could expect good quality work, she did her magic. I found Victoria as an ambitious designer with extraordinary ideas. I cannot imagine anyone not willing to hire her. She has a very positive attitude, has patience and is able to work as part of a team as well as on her own initiative. She has shown commitment, punctuality, the ability to adapt quickly and will be an invaluable asset to any future employers. If I was to ever get a chance to work with Victoria again, I would be very delighted. I thank for her contribution at Venus TV Global Ltd and wish her all the very best."


Ray Janjua

Research Consultant

"I very much enjoyed working with Victoria as she is an extremely creative and experienced designer. With a great eye for detail she can really understand the true requirements of a creative brief and adapt her creativity for both online and offline solutions. Whilst we worked together she supported a wide range of promotional campaigns, offering her full commitment and passion which reflected within the high standards she set within the team."


Graham David Beard

Creative Team Lead

"Victoria worked as a key designer in some of our upcoming and existing mobile applications. Her designs are very creative and clean. I personally enjoyed working with her. She is very accommodative and a great team player. I will definitely would like to work with her in future. She is a great person to work with and will certainly add values to any project."


Sivakumar Boju

Senior iOS Developer

"I was interviewing Victoria and working as her Direct Manager. You can see immediately that Victoria is very professional and dedicated. Her designs are creative and innovative but at the same time she considers well the user and the target audience, with high attention to details. I believe she contributes a lot with her talent and her passion to what she does. It was a pleasure working with Victoria and I would be only happy to work with her again."


Eran Dar Rozenberg

Senior Product Manager

"I worked with Victoria on the Slotagram Game where we were collaborating together in the same team. Victoria was designing and illustrating the visual appeal and usability for Facebook and mobile game platforms. Immediately, she has dived-in quickly and understood the creative process and concepts. She is innovative and brought fresh ideas, but at the same time that are functional. Not only, Victoria is a professional, with an eye for detail but also a good team player, reliable and always helpful. I believe she is a great person to work with and could be a great assets to any company."


Nir Safri

Head of Game Design

"We worked together closely for many years. In both team and independent environments Victoria brings a passion to her work that helps motivate others and push the design to be its best. I have seen her work in a variety of subject areas with a range of platforms, she tackles each new project professionally and will make sure she understands all key information to create the best user experience. She has a great attention to detail and accessibility considerations, this was essential in creating our design guidelines, that we used to define our products' visual direction. She has a confidence in her design knowledge that makes her a strong advocate for superior user experiences. From our time together she helped me with my visual design knowledge and I would often ask for guidance and feedback. She also helped push me and my experience design skills through insightful questions and feedback that would push me to think about how we solve issues and how we drive design forward. She helped motivate and foster creativity in our team and was always a pleasure to work with. "


Emma Kurluk

User Experience Designer

"Victoria is an upbeat, dedicated and talented designer, who is comfortable working across multiple platforms (Digital and Traditional) and multiple languages. She has strong ideas and hands-on capabilities. Her global experience in London, UK gives her a sharp creative eye, while her sweet nature and drive gives her the ability to complement / support any team. I highly recommend Vicki for any creative undertaking.""


Cherisse Thurab

Art Director

'DESIGNER' is not just my title - it is who I am!

I have been fascinated by the blend of aesthetics, architecture, cultures and Product design since childhood. My academic journey started at Fine Arts and Design school, then diving deeper into six years of Bachelor's in Interior Architecture and a Master's in Human Interaction.

Professionally, I have hands-on, comprehensive design experience - working throughout the entire product life-cycle, ranging from consumers to large corporate enterprises.

My philosophy is the core of creating better products for humanity and our ability to contribute to making technology more inclusive and user-friendly. I am driven by a desire for excellence and my problem-solving skills allow me to break down complex design challenges into intuitive experiences. Ensuring the end result is highly functional, visually appealing, accessible to all, and meets product objectives.