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Wireframes and UI Design Guidelines for BlackBerry Security Web Portal.


While designing / redesigning a web portal, mainly for Government and Enterprise use, where security is fundamental, I dealt with many usability challenges. Where great focus and attention to detail has required.

I was leading the portal’s design and working closely with a developer to optimize the system for best performance. The challenge was, how to simplify the dozens of menu items with a focus on high functionality and smooth performance. Creating wireframes and architecture flow with simple UI and personalized Iconography for each menu item.

Keeping the navigation on the left leading users to see the full content allowing them to complete the desired action. Icons got separate attention to identifying the menu actions with a focus on specific sizing color tones and consistent look.

By keeping colors and text consistent and to a minimum, with visual hierarchy and Branded elements highlighted the essential content, like link buttons, error and communication messages. So that visitors naturally gravitate toward the most important elements and relevant actions first. Using BlackBerry’s Brand values and color palate.


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