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packaging guidlines

Brand packaging guidlines


While working in BlackBerry, I had the opportunity to work across different channels in the company, both on the UX side and the Brand side. I was involved in working on Brand identity, layout and industry Standards. One of the examples is the Packaging Design Guidelines I was designing for partners and suppliers.

BlackBerry logo Format consists of two elements with a unique piece of artwork. I was considering color pallete for both light and dark backgrounds, specifying the proportion and arrangement of the EMBLEM design and the Word Mark specification determined. Considering all the aspects that can impact the Brand power. Elements like; logo size, colors, minimum size and critical spacing for Trademark and Copymark. Industry certifications trademark rights and Copyrights. Leaving placeholders for Logo and partners’ product name, header, size, and format description.


Partners can have different needs and requirements and might use a diverse range of packaging types and sizes. I needed to solve a problem creating design guidelines for multiple options and layouts that partners can use for any packaging size. I was creating a simple layout with all the elements and examples that demonstrate visual scalability and placement. In the Design guidelines booklet, I was considering on both the fixed elements, Brand consistency and Typography. Together with what and how can be used, on the flexible areas, and how elements can be placed on the top, bottom and sides of the packaging. With demonstrating examples for placement of Barcode and package LOGO. Separately, I focused on examples for front packaging design that demonstrates visual scalability and placements. Sizing and ratio for fixed elements like the Logo format, product name, header text and Image placement. Presenting examples for both dark and light backgrounds.

packaging guidlines

packaging guidlines

packaging guidlines

packaging guidlines

Other examples include Posters and Wallpaper designed for Office use and Marketing purposes.



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