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Attention to details is a fundamental component of fine design!

From research to design thinking, through concept development and final design details. I have been working across different channels with projects throughout the entire product life-cycle. Understanding human factors, functionality and focus on the user-centered design process, with a great interest in the way things work.
'Designer' is not just my title - it is who I am!

What I Do

User Behavior
UX Research

I have been researching user behavior, journey maps and competitors'. Analyzing data-driven insights and content to address users' needs. Considering relevant technologies, information architecture mockups and final design elements.

Innovative & Creative
Design Thinking

My experience includes working from research to concept development through final design details. With a focus on human-centered, creative problem-solving and innovative/functional products that improve people's lives.

Design & Illustration

With hands-on, comprehensive design experience - both for web and mobile UI, information architecture, user flows, wireframes, interactive mockups, game environments, illustrations, infographics, video editing, and effects.

Design Tools

2002 - today

Illustrations & Graphics

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

2003 - 2011

Exhibition & Interior Design

Autodesk 3D Max
Cinema 4D
Autodesk Revit

2009 - 2018

Game Design & Video Editing

After Effects
Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Animate


UX/UI Design

Adobe XD



GitHub Markdown

Education and Training

Product Management for AI and Data
Cyber Security



Masters Degree - Interactive Design

Middlesex University | London, UK


Bachelor's Degree
Design for Interior Architecture and 3D Environments

The College of Management - School of Design.


Tech Arts Fashion and Design

Vico Art and Design School


Experience Timeline

  • UX/UI Human Specialist
    Blackberry | Cyber Security

    Information architecture| UI| user flows| wireframes| infographics & illustrations

    Designing for cyber security systems, privacy and productivity apps, both for web and mobile. Involved in research, design thinking through final design details. Considering human factors, usability and accessibility.

  • UX/UI Interactive Designer
    Gaming| Entertainment| Fashion| Retail| Finance

    I was working as a freelancer across different channels; Collaborating with business team members to define requirements, user goals, objectives that must meet product success metrics. Designing to a brief agreed upon with a client - involved from the initial idea through final design and production.

  • MA Design For Interactive Media
    Middlesex University, London, UK

    Courses and research studies:
    User Experience and Ixd
    User Behavior / Consumer & Social Behavior
    Game Design and Interactive Environments
    IOS / Android
    Video Production.
    Teaching experience - The History of Arts and Design. Tools and Techniques.

  • Bachelor’s Design Interior Architecture & Interactive Environments
    The College of Management- Academic Studies

    Interior Architecture Design for Private, Public and Interactive Environments.
    Visual Product Development and Design.
    History of Art, Design and Architecture.
    Consumer and Social Behavior
    Brand, Marketing.
    Media & Communications.
    Fine Arts: drawing, painting, photography and sculpture.
    Presentation and rendering.
    2D graphics and illustrations
    3D Set Design for interactive environment, TV sets, Theater and Exhibitions.
    Film and Video


Industry Experience