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LaBella Umbrella

This small family boutique for umbrellas can brighten up rainy days with its beautiful, cheerful designs. La Bella Umbrella wanted to design an online store that can be simple to use but at the same time reflect their unique designs. Their store offers fashionable umbrellas that match different personalities and outfits to suit any sense of style. Their goal is for people to leave their boring black umbrellas at home and choose to go with a style umbrella. Having an online store will make it easier to discover and purchase their designed umbrellas from anywhere in the world.

Simple but not Simplest

My focus was on designing a simple online store layout with high-quality product photography where Umbrellas are the center of the focus. On the home page a large rotation banner with a romantic photo of a couple enjoying a unique surprise gift. Other banners focus on beautiful nature views of rainy weather with cheerful colours and water drops.

Typography and Backgrounds

Typography got special attention with a combination of a cursive font for headers and italic font for meaningful highlighted quotes. The client wanted to emphasize the blog page with a first letter in a large font like in printed books/ like their personalized printed umbrellas.


The challenge of designing a website that will be usable and functional, but at the same time fulfill client’s requests. I was as flexible as possible, working collaboratively, sharing the work in progress. Creating a user-focused product that answers both, client’s needs and satisfaction.

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