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Data Protection, do you think it matters ?

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Let’s admit, who reads the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions?

With the growth of technology, companies have proven to be inadequate guards of our personal data. When WhatsApp announced their user information update. Asking to share data with Facebook and requesting access to more user data without giving a choice to decline. I took the time to research and update my contacts before I disappeared from the app. That raised many discussions and questions around the subject of our privacy.

I spent hours digging into the topic of Data Collection, Privacy and Security. Something that I have been interested in for quite a long time. But the latest turnarounds pushed me to raise even more questions among friends and group chats asking people’s opinions.

It’s not about hiding!

Speaking to dozens of people: “I have nothing to hide” is what I most heard. Some told me they trust the big corporations, accepting without reading. And those who are aware but lost hope, claiming: “Anyway, we don’t have privacy anymore!”

The more I dig, the more I realize how much we don’t know. Our information has been leaked, hacked, sold and resold more times than most of us can count. And I feel like it’s not on us to blame because so much is untold.

Watching the documentary movie “The Great Hack” 2019 That gets into very detail, uncovering the dark world of data exploitation. Relieves how Facebook sold our Data ( Yes! the most personal information, status, likes and photos of each Facebook user). And “The Social Dilemma” 2020, that exposes how social media is reprogramming civilization and making us into a laboratory, selling products.

Image from The Social Dilemma movie 2020

It’s not just about Facebook. Many people would agree that social media can be a great tool to communicate, share and support each other, especially nowdays. But in the world where we are most connected, we can easily be torn apart.

Now that we all know about the manipulation of Data collection and AI. It analyzes our behavior, appealing to our emotions and targeting our attention. Easily bombarding us with information and content that influences our thinking, behaviors and manipulating our minds.

It’s about education and privacy rules

With our lives moving online and the technologies are growing faster than ever. It’s not about who is watching us or if we have anything to hide! It’s about us as individuals and what we can do, living in a connected world where moral trust does exist. And we have privacy rules as part of Human Rights Laws. It’s about the world we create for ourselves and future generations. The Data is out there and can be used against us.

It’s just the beginning and with so many questions that remains unsolved, there is so much we can do by protecting our data. Privacy and Data protection policies have to be educated from school age. And more steps need to be taken to help spread awareness and make sure companies do take responsibility for protecting our Data. Creating a model of legislation, and us as individuals, taking responsibility for managing and protecting our own privacy.

What do you think are the steps we can all take to help spread awareness and make sure companies do take responsibility for protecting our Data?

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