Venus TV

Venus Television is an Entertainment TV channel, for the UK, Europe, Asia and North America community. Delivering TV programs for the whole family, including: Bollywood movies, breakfast show, lifestyle and children’s programmes- on SKY.

One of the challenges was to came up with ideas and designs that will communicate with this specific Asian targeted audience, using the suitable concepts, harmonic colors, typography and layouts. At the same time interpreting the creative business needs and developing concepts to suit their goals.

I was working closely with the PR Executive and the Managing Director, designing through work with their briefs. Designing of online weekly newsletters. Graphic design for print of brochures/leaflets and business pack. Advertisements design to four major Asian magazines in the UK.  In some projects, I was working with  Producers, assisting with video editing and effects. Maintaining, advising and developing conceptual design for video and broadcast, set design and backgrounds.



Business Marketing brochures and other materials



Newsletter design



Newsletter Venus TV

Design for a Magazine


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