SiMyDeal – The Future of Shopping

SiMyDeal is a professional shopping assistant website. Where costumers can search for a specific product ( like a camera, for example).
The idea of SiMyDeal that it picks the best product and value price for costumer’s for a specific budget rate. 

With the emerging growth of technology, our preference as consumers changes within a wink of an eye. These days most shoppers, regardless of gender prefer to make online purchases at home. Consumer behaviours are rapidly changing and more and more of the businesses gets conducted online. The consumers increasingly research their purchases online before spending money, and are using the web intensively to compare and find the best product. Looking for good service or compare prices to make sure their money is well spent. From furniture suppliers to financial consultancies, there is a great need for websites that are designed and developed to support this research process and to promote sales.

I personally myself believe that ‘Time is Money!’ and online shopping saves a lot of time, especially that the market full with large selection of products and diverse options that confuse us. How many times you find yourself calling, texting someone or browsing online items you needed while shopping to get a consultation or a recommendation about a specific product before buying. And that’s not all what about searching the best price and value for what you need. 

SiMyDeal is a great example of an innovative shopping experience  –  Its so simple you just type whatever you are looking for to buy, add your budget and they are making the research for you. SiMyDeal is free to use and it saves lots of time and money.

This is an innovative idea that still is in a research development


I am making UX research for SiMyDeal and designing their Brand – Logo, Website, Facebook Ads and more.

SiMyDeal-app-icon Logo-1 SMD_FacebookAd_851_315_1

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