conx2share – Social Media App

The ease of access to an infinite amount of information via our mobile phones and other technology has ultimately changed the way we live on a day-to-day basis.
Conx2share has developed as a Business communication and private chat app available for Desktop, Android Google Play and iPhone /iPod App Store.
With a powerful set of innovative features that give the user the ability to 
create and share custom content through text, picture, video and blogging. It gives the option to follow and create groups search for hashtags, businesses, people, world news and Live coverage of events like sports and birthdays!

I was involved in re-designing the app from from scratch through design thinking and UX research, exploring other social media apps, trends and technologies. Coming up with interactive, informative and engaging experiences for users, to have a clear and easy flow. With high­ quality wireframes, prototypes, user interfaces, icons and interactive concepts. Creating a language that reflects a brand and inject functional design and friendly interaction including for web, desktop and mobile apps, both, for IOS and Android. Additionally, editing video clips & illustrations for motion graphics & Live Stream.




Those are the screen shoots how the app looked in its first version before I joined.