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Anastassia Michaeli is an Israeli celebrity; journalist, television presenter and a politician. She served as a Member of Knesset for “Israel Beiteinu”.

I was working closely with Elena Peres Belido – Anastassia Michaeli Parliamentary Assistant and Spokesperson.
Making a research, advising and designing from scratch a Branded website, using national blue and white colors with the most creative and functional solutions for Anastasia’s specific needs to create a website with diverse content, biography page, galleries and interactive map and events area for users.




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1 thought on “Politician Anastasia Michaeli Website

  • Elena Peres Belido (Kouravski )
    Government Relationship Specialist :

    I think very highly of Victoria and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a recommendation on her behalf.
    Victoria was hired by our office ( the office of MK Anastassia Michaeli) as a freelance designer to create the design for the MK’s website.
    Her responsibilities involved the creation of the look, layout and features for the website, and also logo development and conception of original ideas.
    As the executive parliament assistant I worked directly with Victoria had frequent brainstorms with her, so I
professionally, but personally and 
 her skills.
    Most impressive thing is that Victoria is a true professional, determined to contribute where needed, proactive in planning and problem-solving; a team player who builds relationships with people at all levels but also works extremely well on her own.
    Another key success measure is Victoria’s ability to communicate well with the costumers. She grasps concepts and ideas brought by others, and respond quickly with feasible implementation models.
    Victoria is a creative thinker and a hard worker with a fresh vision and unique perspective.
    I would easily recommend her as a part of any graphic or web design firm or position.
    She consistently achieved great results and delivered on all expectations.
    I have no doubts that she would be a valuable asset to any employer.

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