3D Kramer Electronics Exhibition


By working as an Exhibition Designer in Barzilai Design, who produces and delivers inspiring visual communication for Exhibitions, with international clients all over Europe. I had the chance to experience one of the most challenging, dynamic and exciting projects. With my first hands on experience of high- quality 3D modeling and rendering. I was working from the initial brief for Kramer Electronics Brand – a company who founded to enter the video era, with a line of over 1,000 innovative products and exhibitions all over the world. The booth was designed to a specific Brands’s requirements to have a portable booth with four departments: Tools, Home, New collections and Meeting area. And with a special area for Sierra brand (sub-company).

One of the biggest challenges was to design a movable, disassembled booth that creates interaction, but at the same time innovative and attractive for business visitors. With functional solutions for hidden storage place.

In the center of the booth I chose to design an open bar area with 360 degrees access, to make it inviting and attractive for more visitors to come & see the booth. From the bar area the visitor could absorve all Kramer`s departments and watch the shown displays.

Designed within the ‘Barzilai Design Studio