Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their products and/or overall customer experience. And turn casual customers into life long consumers.

But how to design Customer Feedback experience ?

I was trying to observe how customers interact in the cafeteria space and listening to what they say. gathering their feedback to learn how can the company satisfy their needs during their interest in peaked moments?! When are those moments, and how can consumer needs could be satisfied when they want something but are limited in their ability.
Feedback is the only way to guarantee the company can create a product or service that customers actually want to buy.

UX Customer Journey Notes

When A customer walks into a business – He or She will have an opinion on the interaction that happened (or didn’t happen). Customer will come back or not based on that interaction (or lack).  How do we have a full control over making sure the experience is a good one?


From the Customer Journey map we can see that a good place for the Kiosk would be in the end of the cheek-out process, or during the purchase. I wireframe two options for customer feedback; one that could go an a mobile kiosk screen and one inside a mobile App. Wireframe_MobileApp_sketch

CustomerExperiance_Mock KioskStand_2 KioskStand_4 CleaningReport_Mockup2

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