CLEQ (Cinema Linked Entertainment Quiz) – Innovative Narrative Game

The CLEQ (Cinema Linked Entertainment Quiz) is one of my MA projects. And it is a fun quiz, which made to test people personalities and temperaments while their watching narratives with different Genres. The goal of the project is to entertain the audience and give them fun but at the same time they could test their own temper. The game is like a maze; the user watch a short narrative video with two main characters and it stops with an open ending; while the user has two choices to make.
For example: ‘Return the keys’ or ‘Keep the keys’.
The project made in London 😉 in the name of entertainment and research about user behavior. You can try it yourself.

Here are some screen shoots and previews:

The video is an Intro of the game; it starts with a short animation of a city’s night scene and a live character who jumps behind the tree and welcoming the user to encourage him/her to join the experience and click to play.
The London panoramic night scene I designed is a view ‘like real’, however this view is a scene. – A combination of photographs I shoot at night time, of the representative points in the center of London (like the Big Ben, London Eye, etc ) I added a large moon, stars and a city reflation in a river.
The animation made with Photoshop, Illustration and After Effects.


Click to visit the site & play


Click to visit the site
While getting our own first experience in shooting, directing, producing and even acting in The CLEQ project, we have realized how difficult and sometimes unpredictable things could be. We have experienced two month of intensive and hard work, with tight timetable and only a few resources, we planed and produced the project from scratch.
Which include: writing the script, finding and scheduling the right locations, shooting the clips, dealing with a light and weather problems, recording professional sounds, editing by a timeline with the video, importing, programming and designing everything until the last detail. And most importantly with a cooperative and great team work, managing to finish everything by the deadline.

It is important to add that all the people who took part in the project are non-experienced actors. The CLEQ is an innovative idea of two MA Interactive Design students of a research about: interactive narratives, games, menus, genres and their connection to people temperaments.
For the fun and entertainment of users.

Software used for the project:
Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Sounbooth, After Effects, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Flash
Coding: Action Script 3, HTML, CSS

To play and learn more about the CLEQ project please read my full research:
Or visit to play:

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