Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight that they can use to improve their products and/or overall customer experience. And turn casual customers into life long consumers. But how to design Customer Feedback experience ? I was trying to observe how customers interact in the cafeteria space and listening Read more about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, SATISFACTION KIOSK – COMPASS GROUP[…]


Fashion eCommerce Websites with Style. Websites are the first interaction between a seller and a potential customer. Its not just about having a shop it is also about having an appealing website, that will allow the seller to communicate exactly what the company is all about and invite the user to shop. Throughout having an easy, user Read more about FASHION eCOMMERCE WEBSITES WITH STYLE.[…]

SiMyDeal – The Future of Shopping

SiMyDeal is a professional shopping assistant website. Where costumers can search for a specific product ( like a camera, for example). The idea of SiMyDeal that it picks the best product and value price for costumer’s for a specific budget rate.  With the emerging growth of technology, our preference as consumers changes within a wink of an eye. These Read more about SiMyDeal – The Future of Shopping[…]

CLEQ (Cinema Linked Entertainment Quiz) – Innovative Narrative Game

The CLEQ (Cinema Linked Entertainment Quiz) is one of my MA projects. And it is a fun quiz, which made to test people personalities and temperaments while their watching narratives with different Genres. The goal of the project is to entertain the audience and give them fun but at the same time they could test Read more about CLEQ (Cinema Linked Entertainment Quiz) – Innovative Narrative Game[…]